Review: A World War II drama about the evacuation of Allied troops from the French city of Dunkirk before Nazi forces take hold.
Director: Christopher Nolan
Actors: Fionn Whitehead, Damien Bonnard, Aneurin Barnard, Barry Keoghan, Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Jack Lowden, Will Attenborough, Kenneth Branagh, James D’Arcy, Matthew Marsh, Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles, Miranda Nolan, Bradley Hall, Jack Cutmore-Scott, Kevin Guthrie and Harry Richardson
Year: 2017
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Thriller and War
Conclusion: 4/5
Dear Readers, before I start on this film review I thought you might like to know that this is my 700th film review! What better way to celebrate than to review the incredible Dunkirk film!! From the opening scene to the very end it is non stop action. It is also a very tense film, you can’t relax for one moment. The music by Hanz Zimmer is just electrifying and builds the tension up right from the beginning then carries on all the way through the film. The work that Christopher Nolan has put into this is just staggering. The last film that he directed was the amazing Interstellar (2014). Christopher, his wife and a friend actually made the crossing from England to Dunkirk on a boat. He said it took 19 hours because of the conditions of the sea. Although I have heard that Harry Styles isn’t going to act again I was really impressed with his performance and thought he stood out in front of all the other young actors. Apparently he had to have a personal bodyguard on set, because of the unwanted attention. The performance that I was impressed with the most was Mark Rylance. He came across as a really strong character in this. His performance held the whole story together. He made you feel involved with the human reality of the story. Anyone who knows Mark Rylance’s previous work will not be surprised that he was chosen to take on this role. Interesting fact:Will Attenborough has a little part in this and his grandfather Richard Attenborough acted in the 1958 version of Dunkirk directed by Leslie Norman (father of Barry). For all those people that watch Poldark (T.V. Series) I would just like to say look out for Harry Richardson’s (Drake) one liner! While watching this I did feel like I was actually there with the actors. The movie used over 50 boats on the sea. This is the most that has ever been put on film. You have to go and see this in the biggest possible screen you can see it on. Half way through this film it did remind me of silent cinema in the way that there wasn’t much dialogue. However the soundscape is completely overwhelming both in terms of the score and all the various sounds of war. There was no point in knowing beforehand what the characters names were as no one used names. One thing I liked about this film is that the story is told from three different points of view. The first being on the beach with the infantry, the second the evacuation by the navy and then the air force doing their best to fight in the skies above Dunkirk. The most powerful scene for me was seeing Kenneth Branagh looking out towards the horizon. A little true life fact for you is that Winston Churchill had only been British Prime Minister for 16 days at the time of this event happening. I don’t say this very often but this is a movie that I would quite happily go and see again. Some of the filming was carried out on location on the beach at Dunkirk itself. The aerial views of the beach with the lines of soldiers waiting on the beach are truly stunning. I nearly forgot to mention that two of my favourite actors have important roles in this film – Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy, of Peaky Blinders fame! Needless to say, both of them put in great performances. This film is dedicated to anyone who has been affected in any way by the events of Dunkirk. At the Bafta Awards in 2018 this won 1 award and that was for Best Sound. At the Academy Awards in 2018 this won three Oscars. They were for Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing. 

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