Louis and Luca – The Big Cheese Race

Review: A dispute is just about to get out of control. In order to solve the dispute the citizens of Slidre and Flaklypa decide to compete in an inter-town cheese race. Louis and the hedgehog named Luca make a secret bet with the Slidrans. If they loose it would mean giving up his home and the workshop of Reodar who is their inventor friend. It starts off as a bit of fun but then ends up being a nail-biting finale.
Director: Rasmus A.Sivertsen
Actors: John F. Brungot, Anders Bye and Kare Conradi
Year: 2015
Genre: Animation and Family
Conclusion: 4/5
First of all, this is a very special film for me to review as it is my 600th film review! Having just seen this film at the London Film Festival, (October 2016). I have chosen it because it is a film which comes alive with a cracking story, full of plenty of humour. The original Norwegian title for this film is Solan Og Ludvig – Herfra Til Flaklypa. Apparently there have already been a few Norwegian Flaklypa stories, one being called Louis and Luca and The Snow Machine which came out in 2013. There is so much in this film to like; for instance, I love the characters and felt I truly got to know them, as they were all so charismatic. I actually laughed out loud a few times at the jokes. The pace of this film was fantastic and the length only comes in at about 78mins. This is one of those rare films that all ages can see and all families can enjoy. I really hope that this film comes out for a wide release in cinemas and that people will go and see it. I would recommend it to everyone as a very original and unusual foreign language film which is very accessible for English speaking audiences.

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