Review: A female CIA analyst volunteers for an undercover mission to stop an arms dealer from selling a nuclear weapon to terrorists.
Director: Paul Feig
Actors: Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jude Law, Miranda Hart and Jason Statham
Year: 2015
Genre: Action, Comedy and Crime
Conclusion: 3/5
We see Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy team up again (Bridesmaids, 2011 and The Heat, 2013). It was so much better than I thought it was going to be I actually laughed over six times which passes the six laugh test. I thought it was very well written. Paul Feig directed, produced, wrote and made this film. His idea came from one of the James Bond films Casino Royale (2006). He wanted to do a comedy out of Casino Royale and also knew that he would never get the chance to direct a James Bond movie so has done this instead. Great to see Jason Statham in a comedy as he does mostly serious films. I did think that the director took a step back and let Melissa McCarthy do most of the work. Felt he had confidence in her to do that. I don’t normally like Miranda Hart but thought she did a smashing performance. Her character in this film was tailored and especially written for her by director-screenwriter Paul Feig. One of my favourite scenes in this is the kitchen fight which took two days to complete. It looked like everyone got on well with each other and had fun making it.

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