Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot
Review: Jerry and Joe are two struggling musicians who witness the St.Valentine’s Day Massacre. They go on the run from the Mob. Both of them enter an all-female band and disguise themselves as women. As things progress complications start to arise.
Director: Billy Wilder
Actors: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon
Year: 1959
Genre: Classics, Comedy, Drama and Romance
Conclusion: 5/5
One of the funniest, goofy and clever comedies ever to have been made. Even though there are all three of those things it has got a very dark side to it as well. Apparently this was so daring for it’s time that it wasn’t approved by the American censors. The script in this is brilliant. You can watch it today and still laugh out loud at all the jokes. The making of this film was a nightmare and Monroe was moody and constantly forgetting her lines. This film was adapted into a Broadway musical called “Sugar”, which opened at the Majestic Theater on 9th April 1972 and ran for 505 performances. Anthony Perkins auditioned for the Jack Lemmon role. One of the most famous lines in film history is the last line of the film where Joe E. Brown states “Nobody’s perfect!”. A few years ago Film Critic Barry Norman produced a list in the Radio Times of his 100 greatest films and this was one of them. At the Academy Awards in 1960 this won one Oscar and that was for Best Costume Design, Black and White. At the Golden Globe Awards the same year this won three awards. They were for Best Motion Picture – Comedy, Best Actress – Comedy or Musical (Marilyn Monroe) and for Best Actor – Comedy or Musical (Jack Lemmon). Also at the Bafta Awards the same year this only won one award and that was for Best Foreign Actor (Jack Lemmon). This is a classic that will never date.

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