Summer in February

Summer in February
Review: Set on the Cornish Coast, this is a true story about the love triangle of the painter Sir Alfred Munnings, his best friend Gilbert Evans and Florence Carter-Wood.
Director: Christopher Menaul
Actors: Dominic Cooper, Dan Stevens and Emily Browning
Year: 2013
Genre: Art-House, Biography, Drama, International and Romance
Conclusion: 1/5
A very disappointing film. This stars Dan Stevens who made his name in Downton Abbey. Even though he made his name in Downton, this film was his first acting role but the film came out after Downton. It is like Dan Stevens has walked off the Downton set and onto this set or the other way round. I was expecting to like it so much more than I did and have also been disappointed so far with the decisions that Dan Stevens has made. With Summer in February you felt that you didn’t believe in any of the characters. They weren’t even pleasant characters so you couldn’t even get to like them especially Gilbert.The script wasn’t even that well written. The scenery is beautiful but once you noticed you couldn’t help pay more attention to that more than the story line. I think it would have worked a lot better as a little mini t.v. series. 

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