Side Effects

Side Effects
Review: Emily and Martin once used to be a successful New York couple. Martin has just come out of prison and are now readjusting to normal life. Emily is plagued with clinical depression and is referred to psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Banks. The drug that he gives her to take has unexpected side effects.
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Actors: Jude Law, Channing Tatum, Rooney Mara and Catherine Zeta-Jones
Year: 2013
Genre: Crime, Drama and Thriller
Conclusion: 3/5
This film is known to be the last film that Steven Soderbergh will direct. He has stated that he is going to retire from directing. Channing Tatum is in this but don’t get too excited about it as he isn’t in it for long. One of the best performances by Jude Law who carries the whole film. Rooney Mara dropped out of Zero Dark Thirty in order to be cast for this film. One film critic wrote about this film “A chilling, disturbing portrait of the dangers of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the evil of deceit”. 

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