Review: Explores the last quarter century of the British painter J.M.W. Turner.
Director: Mike Leigh
Actors: Timothy Spall, Paul Jesson and Dorothy Atkinson
Year: 2014
Genre: Biography, Drama and History
Conclusion: 2/5
I have only watched this once but maybe I need to give it another try. I did’t enjoy this as much as I thought I would. Maybe I got my expectations too high. Not really sure what they were trying to prove with this film. I thought I would learn something about Turner like his life or his paintings. All of the costumes for me looked all dated. I couldn’t even understand what any of the actors were saying. There were no dates given with this film or any sort of history. It was well over the 2 hours which it didn’t need to be. Could have easily have been an hour and a half. This film was hard to sit through and found it to be on the same scale as Leviathan. At the Cannes Film Awards in 2014 it won 2 awards. They were for Best Actor (Timothy Spall) and Dick Pope won an Award for bringing to light the works of Turner in the movie.  If Turner was alive today and watched this film I wonder what he would have made of it? For me watching paint dry would have been more entertaining!!!

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