To the Wonder

To the Wonder
Review: Marina and Neil meet in Paris and fall in love. They then move to Oklahoma where problems start to arise. Neil encounters a woman from his childhood.
Director: Terrence Malick
Actors: Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Javier Bardem and Rachel McAdams
Year: 2012
Genre: Drama and Romance
Conclusion: 2/5
This feels like that after Ben Affleck has done Argo he can now relax for a bit and switch off. Not much dialogue in this film in fact there was no script that was used during filming. The director just let their emotions show. Just a lot of staring into the wilderness and not doing much else. As beautiful as the scenery was there was too much of it. Very slow moving. I would have liked to have got to know the characters in this a bit more. This is a typical film though for Terrence Malick. This is partly based on his own life experiences. Other work of his includes Days of Heaven which is pretty much the same. This was the last review that film critic Roger Ebert submitted before his death. I have appreciated this film more for what it is once researching it. It now means more to me than it did at the beginning. 

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