Django Unchained

Django Unchained
Review: This is set in the South two years before the Civil War. With help of a German bounty hunter, a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Actors: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L.Jackson
Year: 2012
Genre: Drama and Western
Conclusion: 4/5
Very good film. The running length of this film is nearly 3 hours. It does not need to be that long. I did get tired half way through and felt that it had lost the plot a bit. There are scenes that could have been cut. All the performances were exceptional. For this film Jamie Foxx used his own horse named Cheetah. Quentin Tarantino wrote the role in mind for Will Smith but when Smith was asked to do the role he declined. (If he had taken the role would he get more serious roles in other top films and was it a mistake for him not to take the part on?) The ‘N’ word is used 116 times and holds the record in a motion picture. Kevin Costner was offered a part in this film but refused. This is one of Christoph Waltz’s finest roles. This is a very violent film which teaches us a lot about slavery but in a very entertaining way. As usual Tarantino gives himself a cameo role. At the Academy Awards in 2013 it won two Oscars and they were for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Christoph Waltz) and Best Writing, Original Screenplay. At the Golden Globes also in 2013 Christoph Waltz won Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture. It also won Best Screenplay – Motion Picture. At the Bafta Awards also in 2013 it won two awards. Again they were Best Supporting Actor (Christoph Waltz) and Best Original Screenplay.¬†

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