The Two Faces of January

The Two Faces of January
Review: This is a film set in the year 1962. Three different locations are used in this, the first place is Athens then Crete and then by the end the film it moves to Istanbul. It is based around a con artist, his wife, and a stranger. One of them gets caught up in the death of a private detective but which one is it?
Director: Hossein Amini
Actors: Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac
Year: 2014
Genre: Drama and Thriller
Conclusion: 3/5
A very unusual film. The thing I liked the most about this was the scenery. It is very rare to find a film where the setting is in any of the countries that they filmed in. I didn’t really know anything about this before watching it because it hardly had any coverage at the time it came out. I sometimes find that the less you know about a film the better. This film is adapted from a novel by Patricia Highsmith. It reminded me a lot of the film The Talented Mr. Ripley. Obviously because this is set in 1962 it does feel very old fashioned. I love all the costumes that they wore. Very enjoyable.

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