Saving Mr.Banks

Saving Mr. Banks
Review: This is a story about the relationship between Walt Disney and P.L. Travers and how “Mary Poppins” made it to the screen.
Director: John Lee Hancock
Actors: Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson and Colin Farrell
Year: 2013
Genre: Biography, Comedy and Drama
Conclusion: 4/5
A very enjoyable family film. This film is based on true events. I thought that the director did a fantastic job directing this film. Great performances all round.When the film goes back in time to when the author was just a little girl I thought that was very atmospheric and very well handled. It showed that both Walt Disney and P.L. Travers were very hard characters and had always got what they wanted in the end. Even though I was not a fan of “Mary Poppins” I might just have to sit and watch it again and think about my review of ‘Mary Poppins’. It is reported that Tom Hanks is Walt Disney’s distant cousin. Even though in the film it did not show it Walt Disney smoked up to 2 packets of cigarettes a day and died of lung cancer in 1966. The audiotapes of Walt Disney and P.L. Travers amounted to 39 hours in total. Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson had access to these before the film and Emma Thompson learnt everything for the film from the tapes.


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