Love Is All You Need

Love is all you need
Review: Philip is a lonely, middle-aged widower and a estranged single father living in Denmark. We then have Ida who has lost her hair to cancer. They are about to intertwine as they make their journey to Italy to attend his son’s and her daughter’s wedding.
Director: Susanne Bier
Actors: Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dyrholm
Year: 2012
Genre: Comedy and Romance
Conclusion: 3/5
Pierce Brosnan is fantastic in this film. It shows in this film how well he can act. In an interview he said how much he could relate to this story because the same thing has happened to him. He lost a wife to cancer. I did find it a bit predictable as to what would happen at the end. This film focuses on love, loss, absurdity, humor and has got delicately drawn characters. The setting is a bit like a travel film but the acting is of good quality and the emotions are genuine.

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