Review: Steve McQueen stars as a tough-guy police detective named Frank Bullitt in San Francisco. He goes on a hunt to find the kingpin who killed the witness to his protection.
Director: Peter Yates
Actors: Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Bisset and Robert Vaughn
Year: 1968
Genre: Action, Crime, Classics and Drama
Conclusion: 5/5
This film features one of cinema history’s most memorable car chases. There are a few films since that have tried to beat this car chase but it hasn’t happened. The one thing that makes this car chase brilliant is that there are no other cars involved in the chase or no other cars driving along the street. The car chase is 10 minutes and 53 seconds. This chase was not originally written in on the script. Steve McQueen did most of his stunts himself. Some people were shocked when Steve McQueen took on this role as he had many run-ins with the police in his youth. At the Academy Awards in 1969 it won 1 Oscar and that was for Best Film Editing. One film critic wrote ‘Good scripting and excellent direction by Peter Yates maintain deliberately low-key but mounting suspense’.

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