The Grand Budapest Hotel


Review: A story about M. Gustave and Zero Moustafa who work at a famous European hotel between the wars. A priceless painting goes missing and this film tells the story of the painting’s theft and recovery.
Director: Wes Anderson
Actors: Ralph Fiennes, F.Murray Abraham, Mathieu Amalric, Jude Law and Owen Wilson
Year: 2014
Genre: Comedy and Drama
Conclusion: 5/5
This is 99 minutes of complete entertainment. Watching the trailer for this just doesn’t make any kind of sense. It doesn’t do justice to the film. Ralph Fiennes is brilliant in this film. For me this is Wes Anderson’s best film. He did a great job directing it. Each scene was done to perfection. Great cast list. You have got the likes of Tilda Swinton and Owen Wilson in but only for a very short time. As well as it being very funny there are also times were it was sad and also very moving. At the Golden Globe Awards in 2015 it won Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical. This also won 5 Bafta Awards in 2015. They were Best Original Music, Best Make Up and Hair, Best Costume Design, Best Production Design and Best Original Screenplay. At the Academy Awards also 2015 this won 4 Oscars and they were for Best Original Score, Costume Design, Makeup and hair-styling and Production Design. 


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