Sunset Boulevard


Review: Joe Gillis has a job as a screenwriter. He is on the road and goes past a huge abandoned mansion. While going past he decides to stop and take a look around. A lady comes out called Norma Desmond who used to be a famous silent film star. Once Norma discovers what he does she doesn’t let him go and gives him a lot of money to write a script for her.
Director: Billy Wilder
Actors: William Holden and Gloria Swanson
Year: 1950
Genre: Drama and Classics
Conclusion: 4/5
The actress in this really scared me. She was not a nice character at all and had nothing at all in her life. She had no friends or family she could go to for advice or anything. She was completely on her own. When the film came out and was reviewed by the BBFC they made some cuts to it. What cuts they did to the film I am not sure. The mansion in which it was filmed was demolished in 1957 and there is now a 2 story office building there. At the Academy Awards in 1951 this won 3 Oscars. They were for Best Art Direction-Set Direction, Black-and-White, Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture, Best Writing, Story and Screenplay. The same year it won 4 Golden Globe Awards and they were Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Motion Picture Actress – Drama, Best Motion Picture – Director and Best Motion Picture Score. This is on Barry Norman’s list of 100 Greatest Films of all time that he produced at the start of 2012 in the Radio Times.

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