Rosemary’s Baby


Review: Rosemary Woodhouse and her husband, Guy move into an apartment in New York. Rosemary mysteriously gets pregnant and starts to hear strange sounds coming from her neighbour’s apartment.
Director: Roman Polanski
Actors: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes and Ruth Gordon
Year: 1968
Genre: Horror, Mystery and Classics
Conclusion: 5/5
One of the best horror movies ever made. Keeps you on your seat for the whole time as to what will happen. This was adapted from a book by Ira Levin. In 1969 at the Academy Awards this won 1 Oscar and that was Ruth Gordon for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. At the Golden Globe Awards that same year Ruth Gordon won the Best Supporting Actress award again. Mia Farrow was once married to Frank Sinatra. While she was filming for this film she received the divorce papers. Rosemary’s baby was born in the June of 1966. This is on Barry Norman’s list of 100 Greatest Films of all time that he produced at the start of 2012 in the Radio Times. One film critic wrote “A terrifying thriller that is held up by its incredible ensemble cast, and all too logical premise.”

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