Jack and Jill


Review: Jack’s twin sister arrives at his house for Thanksgiving.
Director: Dennis Dugan
Actors: Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes
Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy
Conclusion: 1/5
A complete and utter embarrassment. It should be buried in a big hole and forgotten about. How Katie Holmes can subject herself to this I really don’t know. It is just a complete disgrace. You can’t even call this a comedy. There was nothing funny about it whatsoever. I am just so glad that I didn’t pay £12 to go and see this in the cinema. Adam Sandler can be such a good actor but on this occasion he has just made a complete mockery of himself. Far too long. One film critic wrote “Why not go to your nearest hardware store, exchange your admission fee for a pot of emulsion, and watch that dry instead?”.


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