The Five-Year Engagement


Review: Tom and Violet keep getting tripped up on their long walk down the aisle together after getting engaged.
Director: Nicholas Stoller
Actors: Jason Segel, Emily Blunt and Chris Pratt
Year: 2012
Genre: Comedy
Conclusion: 2/5
A disappointing comedy. For me it didn’t even pass the six laugh test. Just found the whole story line really predictable. All the actors can do so much better. The script is not very well written. It is over 2 hours which it didn’t need to be. Could have been a lot shorter. This film is produced by the same producers that did Bridesmaids and I wasn’t a fan of that either. One film critic wrote about this film “Instead of being a 90-minute, three act romantic comedy, this 124-minute plod almost begins to feel like a five-year term at its midpoint low”.


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